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I'm on a mission to inspire and empower creative entrepreneurs to build businesses that enable positive change.

With more than 15 years of hands-on experience from building companies and consulting hundreds of clients, I founded The Future Academy® in 2014 to help fellow entrepreneurs and change-makers pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

For 13 years, I consulted corporations and built my brand consulting group, including five agencies in the Nordics. 

Since then, I’ve helped over a thousand entrepreneurs build their businesses, from solopreneurs to eight-figure agencies. 

In addition to providing courses, I’m an advisor and consultant to agencies, and I’m an active investor and owner in 10+ businesses. 

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Tobias Dahlberg
Founder, The Future Academy®

Tobias Dahlberg, Founder of The Future Academy®. Tobias work has been published in Wallpaper Magazine, Business Insider, Condé Nast Traveler etc. He is a frequent speaker, facilitator and advisor to companies who want to learn simple, game-changing strategies that create growth and profitability. 

The World Needs You To Create Positive Change

I believe entrepreneurship is the greatest force for progress in the world. My mission is  to help the millions of brilliant people who have have a dream, who have the talent, yet struggle to turn their passion into a profitable brand and business, and fulfilling life.

Entrepreneurship is not a job. It’s not just business either. It is a way of life. Therefore, we combine personal growth with business with the goal of helping entrepreneurs find happiness and fulfillment, not only profits. 

We don’t offer anything that we have not done ourselves. Instead, we teach practical, real-world concepts, strategies, and tools that create real-world results. 

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