The Future Academy®


The training ground for entrepreneurial growth.

We are a transformation company on a mission to help entrepreneurs and change-makers create their dream future.

We believe entrepreneurship is the greatest force for progress in the world, and we want to help the millions of brilliant people who have have a dream, who have the talent, yet struggle to turn their passion into a profitable brand and business, and a fulfilling life.

Entrepreneurship is not a job. It’s not just business either. It is a way of life. It’s who we are. Therefore, our main purpose is to help entrepreneurs build businesses that support the life they want. 
Our focus is on the “whole” entrepreneur, not just the business. Therefore, we combine personal growth with business with the goal of creating breakthrough change in happiness and fulfilment, not only profits. 

We do this by offering online courses, training programs, free content, and a social learning platform for our members. 

We were founded by Tobias Dahlberg, a brand- and business strategist and entrepreneur in 2014 (first as an offline service) before transitioning online. We are based in the Nordics, and serve clients around the world. 

The Future Academy® is a registered trademark of Wonder Group Inc. 


Tobias Dahlberg, Founder of The Future Academy®. Tobias work has been published in Wallpaper Magazine, Business Insider, Condé Nast Traveler etc. He is a frequent speaker, facilitator and advisor to companies who want to learn simple, game-changing strategies that create growth and profitability. 


Toward A New Era

We live in exceptional times. With nearly 7 billion people connected to the internet, the future is truly open for anyone to create. And with the massive speed of change today, basic education has a short shelf-life. The future belongs to those who take learning and personal growth into their own hands. 

We want to help accelerate the change in mindset, effort and skill that is needed now. Our world is shaped by the people who dare to dream big, who question the norm, and who are ambitious enough to turn them into reality. We’re here to inspire and empower individuals and companies to do what they did not think was possible for them. We invite you to join our cause and seek total happiness and fulfilment from entrepreneurship.


Simple. Essential. Practical. Accessible.

As a result of building five businesses of our own, and of consulting hundreds of brands and companies, enabling multiple breakthrough transformations, we know what it takes to create and grow a successful business.

We don’t offer anything that we have not done ourselves. Instead, we teach practical, real-world concepts, strategies and tools that create real-world results. 

We believe in simplicity, focus and success by design. Success does not have to be the result of luck, guesswork and chaos. Instead, building a successful brand and business is the result of deliberate design, building systems that create the desired results you want. We offer you only the most essential building blocks you need, combined with the strategies and tools for making your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

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