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Simple strategies and tools for growing your brand and business.

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The Future Academy® is a growth platform for entrepreneurs and change-makers. We offer the building blocks, strategies, ideas and tools needed to grow extraordinary brands and businesses.

We offer transformative learning experiences with the goal of producing breakthrough results for entrepreneurs who want to build 7- or 8-figure businesses. Our programs are based on real-experience and results, and we provide only the essential needed to grow and prosper.

Tobias Dahlberg, Founder of The Future Academy®. Tobias work has been published in Wallpaper Magazine, Business Insider, Condé Nast Traveler etc. He is a frequent speaker, facilitator and advisor to companies who want to learn simple, game-changing strategies that create growth and profitability. 


Growth by design.

Most entrepreneurs are suffering in silence. Over 60% of companies never make money, and the majority of them lose money. We want to change this. Building a profitable business that provides the freedom and fulfilment you want does not have to be that hard, but only if you know what you are doing. 

As a result of building five businesses of our own, and of consulting hundreds of brands and companies, enabling multiple breakthrough transformations, we know what it takes to create and grow a successful business.

We don’t offer anything that we have not done ourselves. Instead, we teach practical, real-world concepts, strategies and tools that create real-world results. 

We believe in simplicity, focus and success by design. Success does not have to be the result of luck, guesswork and chaos. Instead, building a successful brand and business is the result of deliberate design, building systems that create the desired results you want. We offer you only the most essential building blocks you need, combined with the strategies and tools for making your entrepreneurial dreams come true.


We believe in the power of entrepreneurship as a force for positive change in the world.

We live in exceptional times. With nearly 7 billion people connected to the internet, the future is truly open for anyone to create. This means unprecedented opportunity for the people who are able to navigate this complex, fast-moving world. Our world is shaped by the people who dare to dream big, who question the norm, and do whatever it takes to turn their ideas into reality. Entrepreneurship is the driving force for positive change. Unfortunately however, only a fraction of entrepreneurs and small businesses are thriving. We want to change this. We want to make entrepreneurship across the world easier by providing the most essential building blocks, strategies and tools to enable millions of dreams come true.


Real-world experience.

The Future Academy® was founded by Tobias Dahlberg after 20+ years of experience in the world of branding, marketing, innovation and business development. After leaving a career working for global companies, such as Nike Inc., and The Coca-Cola Company, Tobias worked in management consulting, digital media, and as a partner of a marketing agency. He then founded strategic brand consultancy Wonder Inc., (sister company of The Future Academy).

Our experience base is a combination of hundreds of consulting clients, five personal start-up journeys, as well as a commitments to endless learning through seminars, online courses, workshops, interviews and over 1500 books read to date.

All our programs are aimed at producing real-world, breakthrough results for entrepreneurs and growth-minded people. We offer only battle-tested, simple, essential strategies and tool that create exponential results. Everything we offer has been tested successfully with several clients.

Although our presence is global, we are based in The Nordics, in Helsinki, Finland. We draw our inspiration and identity from our Nordic values of simplicity, collaboration and equality. We also proudly draw inspiration from the Finnish education system and culture, which keep ranking the best in the world.


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