A five-day sprint for breakthrough change.
Re-imagine your brand from five crucial perspectives for five intensive days.

The full-body brand workout.

In today’s hyper-competitive world, being seen as mediocre is the worst place in business. The holy grail of business is being considered the “only choice” by your ideal customers. This program will teach you how to innovate your brand and business with breakneck speed.


The 5-Day Brand Challenge™ is a training program for entrepreneurs and companies who want learn how to build extraordinary brands and businesses in today’s hyper-competitive world. 

During five consecutive days, you will receive an email with links to online training videos + exercises to help you reimagine your brand and business from five different perspectives. 

Regardless of whether you are starting a new brand or want to reimagine an existing one, this training will equip you with new ideas, strategies, perspectives and tools. The strategies and principles were developed over 15 years of consulting with hundreds of clients of all sizes, and they are applied by some of the world’s successful brands and businesses. They will work for you too.

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You will learn the smartest strategy for creating a brand in today's world.

5 days. 5 lessons. 5 daily challenges.
Each daily training is 40-60 minutes long.

Day 1:
Your Breakthrough Potential

Learn the new realities and principles of brand-building and a game-changing strategy. Challenge your psychology and philosophy for breakthrough change.

Day 2:
Your Customer Strategy

Learn the secret to true differentiation and profitability. Learn how to dig deep into the mind of your customer, and challenge yourself to focus only where it matters.

Day 3:
Your Brand Strategy

Learn why your brand strategy is critical to your success, and discover your Onlyness. Challenge your current strategy and imagine a bigger, brighter future.

Day 4:
Your Brand Offering

Learn how to think about value and translate your insights and strategy into a coherent, differentiating total brand offering and experience. Challenge yourself to think value over product.

Day 5:
Making It Happen

Learn how to use your brand to build relationships and drive your internal culture and operations. Put it all together to ignite your breakthrough.

Brand Mastery™

If you're convinced this approach will help you transform your brand and business, you can choose to go deeper and enrol in Brand Mastery™, a full brand transformation program.

This is an intense sprint, so reserve two hours per day, or go through it slower.

Meet your coach.


My name is Tobias Dahlberg, and for the last 15 years of my 20+ year career, I have worked hands-on with entrepreneurs and companies to innovate their brands and businesses. 

Before founding The Future Academy®, I was a strategist and entrepreneur. It was not always easy. I employed teams of people working alongside me, and making ends meet was sometimes very tough. 

What I learned from my clients, and from a relentless focus on learning, was that building a profitable brand and business that can scale comes down to succeeding only in a handful of areas. 

I teach these core strategies and principles in the program, and I follow them up with Challenges – making you take immediate action in a design-sprint-style approach. 

I used this same approach with countless clients in the offline world, and this program is simply an online version of it, at a fraction of the price. Hope you give it a go. As you will see, it can truly transform your brand and business, as it has for so many of my clients.

A one-week sprint can make all the difference for your whole year.

Who it’s for

This program is suitable for anyone who want to create or reinvent their brand and business. Some basic business skills are helpful in order to understand and implement the ideas in this program. We recommend this program for entrepreneurs and business managers who want to create fast change, growth and profitability for their business.

Forever yours

One payment
$ 97
one payment
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100% money back guarantee.

This program was designed to give you a return on investment of at least 10x. However, we are confident that you might see a 100x, 1000x, or even a higher ROI, provided that you go through the exercises and take massive action. However, if you don't think this program will be worth at least 10x your investment during the first 14 days, let us know and we will give you all your money back.

"Tobias Dahlberg is one of the brightest minds in brand strategy today. He's a natural teacher who can simplify a concept like nobody else. Anyone who follows Tobias will end up smarter, richer, and probably more beautiful."

Marty Neumeier
Author, The Brand Gap, ZAG, Metaskills, The Brand Flip
"I have known and worked with Tobias Dahlberg for more than a decade, and it would be hard to find a more clear-eyed strategic thinker. He always focuses on helping clients build extraordinary businesses with engaging experiences for their customers. If you are looking to go beyond the ordinary, you should get to know Tobias."
Joseph Pine II
Co-author, The Experience Economy
"Tobias enabled an unbeliavable transformation of our Bonalive brand. Using his fine-tuned brand strategy process, we could collaboratively bring to life a creative brand strategy that immediately impacted both our culture and our business."

Fredrik Ollila
CEO and Chairman, Bonalive
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