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Master Strategic Brand-Building

I have taken it and it is a great course! Excellent videos and supporting materials. Best course in branding and business I have come across fo far.

Christoffer Jorgensen - Manufakture

Tobias Dahlberg is one of the brightest minds in brand strategy today. He's a natural teacher who can simplify a concept like nobody else. Anyone who follows Tobias will end up smarter, richer, and probably more beautiful.

Marty Neumeier - Author The Brand Gap, Brand Flip, ZAG

Love it. This course helps you to structure all the different thoughts and ideas that pass by. Seeing a structure and literally building your brand identity gives you energy and confidence.

Marcus Janssen - Shiny And Colourful

Brand Mastery™ is an online course in strategic brand-building that teaches you arguably the smartest strategy for building and growing a profitable brand and business today.

The most comprehensive and strategic approach to brand-building you will find.

A system, process and playbook for growth.

Get a proven system for profitable growth

Learn how to focus only on what matters and seek profitability before you scale and grow you business to 7 or 8-figures.

Gain full clarity and focus

Stop the guesswork and get a proven, timeless system for building a profitable brand and business.

Design an extraordinary offer

Translate your customer insights and strategy into a total offering that your ideal customers find irresistible.

Build a marketing machine

Learn a simple framework for engaging with new and existing customers to create an endless flow of customer relationships.

Operationalize your business

Learn a proven framework and methods for understanding your ideal customer better than your competition.

Craft a unique strategy and position

Learn The Only Strategy™ - how to position yourself so that your ideal customers want to choose only you.

Know your customer better than anyone

Learn a proven framework and methods for understanding your ideal customer better than your competition.

Gain empowering mindsets and beliefs

Get a full system and playbook, complete with the mindsets you need to build an extraordinary brand and business.


Brand Mastery™ is an online training program that teaches you the principles, strategies, mindsets, and tactics for building a highly differentiated, profitable brand and business.

Instead of giving you a quick fix, or only a part of the solution, Brand Mastery™ is a complete brand system consisting of six building blocks. Each building block represents one crucial area, a “system within the system”.

The program combines mindsets, strategies, ideas, tools and  customer insight, strategic exploration, brand strategy, brand offering, engagement, and operations. Brand Mastery™ is the complete all-in-one playbook for brand-building today.

A strong brand is the most valuable business asset you can have.

What you’ll gain

Brand Mastery™ is not only about learning, but it is also about applying learnings to your brand and business, creating a transformation in the process. The program was designed with results in mind; we deliver lessons followed by exercises for you to put the ideas into immediate action. We follow up each module with online support. In addition to the approximately 70+ video lessons, you will receive a 125-page Brand Playbook filled with exercises and tools, backed by support.

The program will help you not just plan your own brand, but create a whole system that you will operate with the help of The Brand Playbook™ – a workbook which you will turn into your own customized playbook for success.

The program guides you through a brand-driven business transformation.

A complete system for profitability and growth.

How it works

Get started whenever it best suits you. Download the 125-page Brand Playbook (workbook) and go through the 6 modules one-by-one.

Log into the Brand Mastery™ Facebook group for ongoing support. Watch the 70+ video lessons at your own pace and use the frameworks and tools to create new breakthrough solutions for your own business. 

Anytime you encounter a brand or business problem, come back to one or more of the six areas and use the strategies and tools to get clarity, solve problems and innovate new solutions.

This course usually takes between 4-8 weeks to complete. You can complete it at your own pace, and still get the support you need.


Brand Mastery™ is a complete brand-building system. You will learn the six most important areas of brand-building, and by constantly creating value in these six areas, you will build and sustain a strong brand. These six areas, also called The Six Areas of Brand Mastery™ are the six modules of this program. Each module comes with video lessons and exercises (workbook). 

Module 1: Foundation

This crucial “meta-level” module sets you up for success. Set big goals and remove the barriers. Learn brand fundamentals, including “The Only Strategy”, principles, and mindsets you need to build an extraordinary brand and business in today’s world.

  • Get Your Mindset Right – Commit To Your Transformation
  • Set Clear, Inspiring Goals And Envision Your Ideal Outcome
    Learn The Fundamentals Of Brand-Building
    Learn Core Concepts And Strategies (The Only Strategy Learn Design Thinking And Creative Skills

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Module 2: Customer

Learn how to identify and focus on your “Power Base”, i.e, your most potential customers. Zoom in on the customers that matter most, then dig deep inside minds to extract multi-level insights that enable you to create massive value. Then turn your insights into a Customer Blueprint™.

  • Discover Your Ideal Customer And Focus Only On Them
  • Narrow Down Your Market And Discover Your Power Base
  • Learn How To Uncover Breakthrough Customer Insights
  • Get Our Field Research Guide And Training
  • Recruit Real Customers And Learn From Them 
  • Create Your Customer Blueprint™

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Module 3: Strategy

Challenge your current strategy and imagine a bigger, brighter future. Design a game-changing brand strategy and platform, define your “Onlyness”, your uniqueness. Then wrap it all up in a brand story that makes your brand easy to understand, inspiring and desirable.

  • Analyze Your Competitive Environment And Yourself
  • Discover And Define An Inspiring Vision 
  • Design A Simple, Unique, And Powerful Brand Strategy
  • Translate Your Strategy Into A Compelling Brand Story
  • Learn How To Position Your Brand As “The Only Choice”

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Module 4: Offering

Translate your key insights and strategy into an extraordinary brand offering; a cocktail of value, expressed across The Five Brand Dimensions™. Get creative and design your brand offering into a smooth, compelling brand experience that makes people want to choose you.

  • Get Creative And Translate Your Strategy Into A Total Offering
  • Learn How To Create Value From The Customer Perspective
  • Learn The Five Brand Dimensions™ And How To Leverage Them
  • Define And Design Your Brand Touchpoints
  • Design An Extraordinary Total Brand Offering And Brand Experience

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Module 5: Engagement

Learn why building relationships is the heart of branding, and why engagement is the hottest word in marketing today. Create an engagement strategy and plan, and ensure that you’re always initiating, connecting and nurturing relationships to ensure the growth of your brand and business.

  • Learn Why Engagement The Heart Of Your Marketing
  • Learn How To Scale With Low or No Investment
  • Learn A Marketing Framework For Creating Customer 
  • Create A System To Ensure You Take Action Consistently
  • Build High-Quality Customer Relationship With Your Power Base

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Module 6: Operations

Connect your brand to your business operations and culture. Design your own Brand Playbook™ – your operational brand and business plan, then put it into action with the help of your coach, and the community. Kickstart your transformation and create immediate results in your business.

  • Learn How To Focus Only On The Vital Few Things That Matter
  • Design Your Operating System 
  • Implement Your Operating System And Train Your Team
  • Design Your Own Brand Playbook™ – Your Operating Manual

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Meet your coach.


Tobias Dahlberg has worked as a brand and innovation strategist for the last 14 years of his 20+ year career.

He is an entrepreneur who started and managed three multi-million companies, and he sold over 25 million $ worth of consulting services as an entrepreneur. 

Tobias has worked with global brands such as Nike and The Coca-Cola Company, to national, regional and local brands and businesses. He has led over 400 brand and business innovation projects, resulting in countless new products, services, business models and brands.

Tobias is a relentless learner with a passion for helping people expand their potential. His mission is to empower over a million people with the mindsets, strategies and tools to realize their dreams.

Who it’s for

The program is for anyone who desires to create breakthrough change and transformation in their business. The program is rooted in radical differentiation, focus and value creation. It works best for people with some business experience and basic understanding of business. Typical students include Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Marketing Directors, Leadership Teams, Strategists, Consultants and Agency Owners.

What it takes

To get maximum results, we suggest committing 5-10 hours of work each week during the program. As with anything in life, the more you put in, the more you will get out. In addition to reserving time for watching the video lessons, reserve time for reflection and for doing the exercises, as well as engaging with other participants to learn, share and connect.  From experience, we know that the group dynamic will exponentially increase your motivation, learning and results.


This program is is the result of 15 years of hands-on consulting work, countless expert interviews and over a thousand read books on the subject. The instructor has led hundreds of brand- and innovation projects for global, multinational, national and local companies. The principles, strategies and tools have been refined and tested over several years, and they have been successfully implemented by countless companies. The strategies and principles we teach can also be found behind many of the world’s most successful brands and companies today. They will work for you too.
"Tobias enabled an unbeliavable transformation of our Bonalive brand. Using his fine-tuned brand strategy process, we could collaboratively bring to life a creative brand strategy that immediately impacted both our culture and our business."

Fredrik Ollila
CEO and Chairman, Bonalive
"I have known and worked with Tobias Dahlberg for more than a decade, and it would be hard to find a more clear-eyed strategic thinker. He always focuses on helping clients build extraordinary businesses with engaging experiences for their customers. If you are looking to go beyond the ordinary, you should get to know Tobias."
Joseph Pine II
The Experience Economy
"Tobias Dahlberg is one of the brightest minds in brand strategy today. He's a natural teacher who can simplify a concept like nobody else. Anyone who follows Tobias will end up smarter, richer, and probably more beautiful."

Marty Neumeier
Author, The Brand Gap, ZAG, Metaskills, The Brand Flip



You will get access to video lessons which you can consume whenever you want, as much as you want.

BRAND PLAYBOOK (125-pages)

Your personal 125-page brand system and workbook. Each module is explained with frameworks and exercises to help you implement the lessons in the course.


You will have access to a private community dedicated to Brand Mastery™ and social media platform where other participants share questions, comment and review each other's work. The instructor is available to answer questions and review work.

One Payment

Lifetime access
$ 199
  • 12-month access with an 12-month TFA Membership (value 399$).

One Payment

Lifetime access
$ 199
  • 12-month access with an 12-month TFA Membership (value 399$).
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