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Turn Your Passion Into A Thriving Expert Brand And Business.

A 10-week coaching and mentoring program to help you build a simple, predictable expert business for high impact and profit. 

The Simple Way To Build A Profitable Expert Business That Scales.

Business Breakthrough™ is a ten-week coaching and mentoring program where we help you implement five simple building blocks into your business so you can build a sustainable brand and business that scales, while doing what you love.

The Smart Way To Profits And Impact

I created Business Breakthrough™ based on nearly 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the creative business space. After several years of running my brand consultancy, I discovered an approach that removed the constant stress of running an unpredictable, high-cost, low-profit business.


Instead of constantly solving different problems for different types of clients, constantly creating new proposals, budgets, and offering a broad scope of services, I focused only on one type of client, offering them one product, delivered through one branded method and process.


Clients loved the clarity and reliability, and we started consistently delivering breakthrough results, thus solidifying our market position. Our expertise shot through the roof, together with our profitability and growth. In essence, we did the opposite of what everyone else were doing.


In six months, we sold over 1 million euros worth of only ONE product, and the profit margin on that product was over 80%. My business changed, and my life changed.


I call this The Million-Dollar Formula™, and it is based on five simple building blocks that you implement for breakthrough growth and profitability.


Business Breakthrough™ is built on this formula, and it will create similar results for you,  if you commit to implementing these simple principles and building blocks into your business. For ten weeks straight, I will teach you the exact blueprint and help you execute it by coaching you from start to finish.

Tobias Dahlberg – Founder

Build A Business Doing What You Love

 Having an expert-based business can be a dream come true. Building an online-based business can give you everything you want, from working wherever you want, whenever you want to financial independence. To make your business a success, you need the get the fundamentals right, and that’s what we are all about. 

Put Simple Processes And Systems In Place

The secret to building a predictable, profitable business is to design and implement systems and processes that allow you to increase your efficiency, as well as your ability to make data-driven decisions. While numbers, processes, and systems might not turn you on, it is often the one thing that unleashes your ability to grow with high profitability.

Build A Client Acquisition Machine

Most creative businesses are vulnerable because their founders don’t enjoy sales and marketing. The great thing with our process is that it is not based on pushy sales tactics, but rather, on attracting prospects to you based on a model that combines branding with organic and paid marketing funnels. Your sales calls will feel like inspiring conversations where you show up to help people do what’s best for them. 

Join A Thriving Community

Join a community of growth-minded entrepreneurs from around the world. You will have access to multiple group coaching calls per week, as well as ongoing support from your coaches, as well as an online community. Our students love the effect that being part of a community has on their identity and their growth. 

Get All The Tools You Need

The program comes with all the tools you need to create the transformation you want. Every module comes with a set of video lessons, a workbook, and worksheets to help you workshop your business. When you complete your work, submit it to us, and we will coach you so you can move forward with speed and direction.

Modules Of The Program

The Breakthrough Identity

You will never rise above your beliefs about what you are capable of. Your mindset, habits, and ultimately your identity will shape your results more than anything else. In this foundational pillar, you will learn how to rewire your mind to expand your mindset and build that bulletproof confidence you need to break down walls and go beyond your current reality. This is where the breakthrough begins.

Uncover Your Client Blueprint

The secret to creating high-ticket offers that prospects buy is to understand your ideal client on a deeper human, psychological level than anyone else, then creating your offer and marketing to deliver exactly what they want. The Client Blueprint™ the foundation for the growth of your business.

Build Your Unique Expert Brand

In the expert business, your success is predicated on your thought-leadership, expertise, and your influence. We will help you craft a unique expert brand position, and help you create a brand playbook that helps you build significant impact, and attract warm leads to you. Your unique brand is what will generate success for you for years to come.

Craft Your Million-Dollar Offer

In this model, you will choose the best business model for you, and you will learn how to craft, package, and price an irresistible high-ticket offer. Learn how to deliver massive value through your Branded Method™. Your offer will generate a higher margin, predictable sales, ease of delivery, and scalability for your business.

Build A Client Acquisition Machine

In this module, you will learn how to market and sell your offerings, from creating lead-generation systems and landing pages to building your funnels (organic and paid), email lists, and converting leads into sales. You will also learn inbound selling strategies and methods to boost your conversion rates across your whole funnel. Get ready to launch your core offering and inject cash into your business.​

Bonus: Next Level Growth Strategies

In addition to the core modules and building blocks, we coach you through the process, several times per week. We throw in the occasional extra workshop, 1:1 call, and other ways to supercharge your transformation.


What people say

Tobias Dahlberg is one of the brightest minds in strategy today. He's a natural teacher who can simplify a concept like nobody else. Anyone who follows Tobias will end up smarter, richer, and probably more beautiful.
Marty Neumeier
Author - The Brand Gap, ZAG, The Brand Flip, The Designful Company, Metaskills, Scramble
I have known and worked with Tobias Dahlberg for more than a decade, and it would be hard to find a more clear-eyed strategic thinker. He always focuses on helping clients build extraordinary businesses with engaging experiences for their customers. If you are looking to go beyond the ordinary, you should get to know Tobias."
Joseph B. Pine II
Co-Author - The Experience Economy, Authenticity, Mass-Customization
I cannot rave enough about Tobias! I knew I wanted to work a brand strategist, who wouldn't right, but Tobias's knowledge and experience of brand strategy is so comprehensive, that's why he's able to produce a program of this standard. His one product, one outcome strategy will transform your business if you follow it through. It's given me immense focus. Plus he's a super nice guy and so helpful 🙂
United Kingdom
Tobias is one of the most amazing entrepreneurs I know to work with. No matter what you want to achieve, he’s always supportive of your vision and has every desire to help you see it through to fruition. A true entrepreneur at heart, he’ll stop at nothing to support you in what you want to achieve and gives his time, effort, and energy toward that end. His knowledge base and experience speaks for itself.”
Sallie Keys
If you’re wanting to learn both the art & science of brand building, there is no better coach to learn from than Tobias Dahlberg. I’ve taken plenty of brand courses online yet nothing goes as deep into the business side of brand building as what The Future Academy offers, so I have no hesitation in saying this is the most complete & wholistic brand consulting program on the market. It's given me the skills, confidence and clarity for my own brand's offerings - as well as my clients!
Jacob Cass
Ever wonder why thing doesn't work out for you and your business? How is it that you struggle year out and year in with poor results? Learn from Tobias, one of the best in the game, and then change that once and for all. You won't be disappointed.
“Tobias enabled an unimaginative transformation of our Bonalive brand. Using his fine-tuned brand strategy process, we could collaboratively bring to life a creative brand strategy that immediately impacted both our culture and our business”
Fredrik Ollila
Entrepreneur and CEO
Working with Tobias and being a part of The Future Academy has been a transformative experience. He provides the right balance of coaching, planning, goal setting, and follow-up. His methodology is grounded in practical concepts that he articulates in ways his students can appreciate and make their own. His skill to motivate students to push themselves is unmatched. He helped me expand out of my comfort zone; I would recommend Tobias and The Future Academy to any entrepreneur/business owner who is ready to take their business to the next level. 
Dan Woodruff
Love it. This course helps you to structure all the different thoughts and ideas that pass by. Seeing a structure and literally building your brand identity gives you energy and confidence.
The Netherlands
The programme was structured in easy, step-by-step modules. This gave me the focus to work on each module properly, which subsequently resulted in a strong end-result where all modules come together. The support of the group was an absolute bonus and I hope we will continue to support each other. Tobias is very inspirational and pleasant to work with and provided me very constructive feedback, how to be better or distill my plans further. I will never have his looks, but if I have learned only a percentage of his skills my business will surely lift off.
The Netherlands
Before I joining this program I search for other similar programs, but found that The Future Academy was by far in a class of its own. You simply won't find a more complete and well defined program, trust me I've search everywhere. You won't find another brand strategy and coach better that Tobias who is available to share his knowledge, time and passion in this learning and coaching format. Tobias is an absolute "boss at brand." Not only does he have incredible knowledge about all things brand strategy, he is articulate, clear and concise in his explanations and conveying ideas and strategies, he genuinely cares about your results, and he is simply one of the respectful and caring guys you will meet. Thank you Tobias.
I have always known that I have an entrepreneurial spirit in me. I have had the dream to start a business of my own utilising the skills and experience I have gained in the corporate world. However, I have not really found the way of how to really make it happen. The Brand Entrepreneur training has been a game-changer for me. I have gained new insights, I have been strengthened and I have got the courage to get started. And I have already seen that it works. If your are planning to set up your own business (or further develop your current) I truly recommend that you invest in yourself and your future by attending this training.
I can honestly say that it will hard to find anyone more dedicated, passionate & competitive person who always seeks to reach new heights. Be it in sports, business or just simply being the best version of yourself. He is without no doubt one of the leading brand strategists and business coaches around. Highly recommended.
Brand Director - Iittala (Fiskars Group)
Tobias Dahlberg has facilitated courses for Design Forum Finland for several years. The feedback is continually extremely positive, and he scores close to maximal points every time. His workshops are interactive, very clear and structured, and they suit many types of needs. He is one of only a few top experts of strategic design in Finland."
Managing Director - Design Forum Finland
This is what happens when an athlete mindset, astute business acumen and an experienced collaborate. Mr Dahlberg and The Future Academy is setting up a system for you to overcome hurdles in the room, while equipping you to develop your brand and business, and most importantly, helping you reach your full potential on the business playing field.
It has been a fantastic journey that has given me the confidence to pivot my business and life in an exciting new direction. Tobias is a really good coach with a wealth of knowledge and insight. His methodology will give you the skills to boost your business and build the life of your dreams.
United Kingdom

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