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Business Breakthrough™

Get Ready To Change The Game

Business Breakthrough™ is a six-week “full-body” business workout – a group training program for entrepreneurs and change-makers who want game-changing results for their business. You will dive into the six most crucial areas of your business, identify root causes that hold you back, learn new strategies and mindsets, and take massive, immediate action for breakthrough results. 

Go All In And Create Massive Results

We are living through times of unprecedented change and disruption. Now is not the time to play it small, nor to be mediocre. Now is the time to step up and become extraordinary. Never has it been more important to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and create breakthrough impact and results. 

Business Breakthrough™ will challenge you to identify the breaking points of your mindset and your business, create breakthrough solutions and implement immediately. 

This program was designed for ambitious, growth-minded people who want to go beyond the ordinary and create extraordinary results for their business and in their lives. 

Work Together. Grow Together.

Business Breakthrough™ is a group training program, which means that you will work on yourself and your business alongside a group of like-minded, growth-minded people. After each training session, you will have 24/7 access  to support from both the instructor and the group. This dynamic helps you take the action you need and create the results you want.

Find The Right Lever And Create Massive Leverage

During the program, we will dig into the six most important areas of your business (see modules), then identify the root causes and levers for your success. You will then choose where to deploy your focus for breakthrough change. 

Simplify. Focus. Create. Automate.

This is not a program where you will build your business from the ground up. Instead, the sole purpose is to create breakthrough results as quickly as possible. We do this by applying proven principles that have worked for countless clients before. We help you simplify things to focus only on the essential, help you create new solutions and build systems to automate your business for maximum freedom, profit, and scalability.

Only You Set The Limits To What Is Possible

Your business is a reflection of who you are. To change your results, you first need to change yourself. Therefore, we dedicate the first module of the program to unleashing your “Entrepreneurial Spirit” – the passion, belief, creativity, and energy you need to go all in and change your future for good.

Take Massive Action And Implement Immediately

At the end of the program, you will have identified the most crucial problems and opportunities that relate to your brand and business. You will have created a strategy with ideas for the change you want, and you will have created a massive action plan. During the last month, you will have already taken action and started your transformation.

“I have known and worked with Tobias Dahlberg for more than a decade, and it would be hard to find a more clear-eyed strategic thinker. He always focuses on helping clients build extraordinary businesses with engaging experiences for their customers. If you are looking to go beyond the ordinary, you should get to know Tobias.”

Joseph B. Pine II

CO-AUTHOR - The Experience Economy, Authenticity, Mass-Customization,

Go through six modules over six weeks together with a group of ambitious, growth-minded people. Imagine what this can do for your growth.

Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you want to change your business, you need to change first. All growth and achievement start with the right psychology, with the right mindset, beliefs, attitude, confidence, and knowledge. To make change happen externally, we must begin by first making changes internally. 

  • Set and commit to clear goals and objectives
  • Define your ideal business and future
  • Review the ideas and beliefs currently affecting your results
  • Work on your own beliefs, worldview and psychology
  • Tap into your passion and creativity
  • Learn the framework for brand and business innovation

Uncover The Secrets To Customer Choice

Noting is more important to a business than customer choice. Yet, few companies are crystal clear about who they should focus on, and what motivates those people. In this module, you will learn how to set your focus and uncover deep human insights using a simple, proven framework. 

  • Learn proven strategies and methods for researching customers.
  • Define your ideal customer and map their motivators using the Who + What + How + Why framework
  • Translate insights into value creation opportunities
  • Create a customer blueprint – a value creation map

Create A Winning Strategy

Game-changers don’t do things a little differently. They don’t go for “better”, not even “best”. They go for “only”. In this module, we will take a close look at your brand and business strategy to ensure you are setting yourself up to win with customers.

  • Identify your unique potential and big opportunity
  • Define what makes you the “only choice” of your ideal customers
  • Simplify and clarify your strategy and your story
  • Set your strategic objectives

Design An Extraordinary Offering

Forget competing with products or services alone. Create a total offering that provides extraordinary value and meaning across all touch points. In this module, you will design and test your offering until it’s bulletproof.

  • Learn how value works and how to create more of it
  • Translate your insights and strategy into a total offering
  • Create multiple levels of value and difference
  • Using pricing flexibly and create a power guarantee
  • Design your brand touch points for maximum impact

Build A Marketing Machine

To get more and better clients, learn how to master the art of engagement. Learn how to design the systems you need to get in front of more potential customers, connect and nurture the relationships that matter most. 

  • Learn strategies and tactics used by the smartest companies today
  • Identify the most potential marketing strategy and plan for you
  • Take immediate action, test and learn
  • Start increasing your conversion rates and close more deals

Run Your Operating System Like Clockwork

Simplicity is code for speed, profitability and scalability. Connect every part of your brand and business into a simple, powerful operating system. Set up your business to run even without you.

  • Learn how to focus and simplify for profitability and scale 
  • Design the operating system of your business
  • Define your most important execution principles
  • Create momentum by taking immediate action

Who Am I To Coach You?

For the last 20 years, after transitioning from a career in amateur and professional sports, I have applied a disciplined, consistent mindset to everything I do.

Small daily adjustments and habits applied over time make a big difference. I know it did for me. For example, some 25+ years ago, I made daily reading and learning part of my daily ritual. This habit accumulated into well over 1000 books read, attending countless seminars, trainings and other experiential learning experiences. It led me to a career in consulting, speaking and teaching. All I did was devote an hour per day, sometimes more.

This mindset also led me to start five companies and learn the most essential entrepreneurial lessons I needed to learn. For 15 years, I consulted hundreds of brands and companies, made over 25 million $ in sales, turned over 40% annual profit margins on a 7-figure business, spoke at conferences, bought my dream office space and studios, and much more.

And naturally, I faced many setbacks and failures along the way. However, it never stopped me in my tracks. Everything I know and have, I attribute to my mindset – the growth mindset I got from sports and entrepreneurship. My dream is to help millions people adopt this growth mindset, to do things they did not think were possible for them. This drives me.

My point is simple. To achieve what you want, you need to work at it, every day. My offer to you is also simple. I don’t claim to have all the answers. However, I have many answers that can help you, and more importantly, I can help guide you toward your dreams. Why not give it a go? Then you’ll know whether this is for you or not. I hope I get a chance to work with you and impact your life. Imagine the possibilities.

Who Is This For And How Do I Get On The Program?

This is a high-intensity program that is best suited for people and companies who are willing to commit to creating real change. Those who commit to the program can expect breakthrough results for their brand and business, even within a short period.

The only way to get on the program is through an application. This way, we can ensure that this program is right for you and that the other participants are a good fit, enabling the support and empowerment for the benefit of the whole group.

Join this program and take your business to a whole new level.

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Here's what's included

Six Modules - Weekly Training + Assignments

You will get access to weekly and daily training + assignments to help identify your breakthrough opportunities and create new solutions.

24/7 Access To Community

You will work alongside other people who want the same results as you. Share your learnings, get feedback and root for each other inside the closed TFA Training Community.

Weekly Live Coaching Sessions

Every week, you have an opportunity to get your questions answered on a live online group call. 

Ongoing Support By Instructor

Anytime during the six-week program, you can ask questions and get feedback from the instructor through the closed group. Every single question and comment will be answered. 

BONUS -Value 234$

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