Dealing With Entrepreneurial Risk

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How do you deal with entrepreneurial risk? Do you take risks? 
If you don’t, you should not be an entrepreneur…really.

In this podcast episode, I share some tough love about what it means to be an entrepreneur, why you need to embrace (healthy) risk-taking. Living in a state of fear and uncertainty might be the ONE THING holding you back.

I got the inspiration for this episode from talking to countless entrepreneurs. I talk to many struggling entrepreneurs, and I’d love to help more people get out of that lousy place. I’d love to eradicate all entrepreneurial suffering. Maybe we’ll do it together?

The reality is that if you want to move beyond your current circumstances, you will need to face some degree of discomfort and uncertainty. That’s just part of the game. 

When you cloud your thinking with fearful thoughts, it’s difficult to see the opportunity that stares you in the face. 

When you start living from a place of FAITH, not a place of FEAR, life changes, and that’s what I wish for you. 

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