Do you know your ideal customer?

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Not all customers are created equal. Not all customers are worth serving. In fact, there is no chance you will be able to cater to too many segments and too many needs. Chances are that serving only one type of customer with one particular need is challenging enough.

The secret to building a unique brand and a highly profitable business lies in being extremely focused about who you are going to serve. I like the idea of defining your Ideal Customer, i.e. defining your key customer segment down to one (fictional) person. In doing so, you will gain much more clarity on who they are and what they want. It allows you paint a rich, detailed picture about who “they” are and what they want. Turn it into a visual storyboard and attach stories, quotes, pictures and as much detail as possible. To do this, get out of the office and start meeting real customers in real environments. (In my course Brand Transformation Masterclass™, I tell you exactly how to do it).

How do you define your Ideal Customer?

A simple way to think of this is that your Ideal Customer exists between What They Want and What You Want. In other words, to define that Ideal Customer, define what you know about them and what they might want from you (what type of value, what type of experience, etc.). Then consider what you want from them. This might include both financials (pricing, payment terms, customer lifetime value etc.), but also other qualities, such as reputation, attitude (no assholes!), respect, knowledge, and skill etc. 

When you go through defining “their terms”, as well as “your terms”, you will be able to discover your Ideal Customer, that narrow segment that will not only bring you better financials but also make your life much more enjoyable. 

Oh, and one more thing. When you then go about creating something exceptional and unique for these customers, you have to factor in one more question; “What can only you do for these customers”. When you answer that question honestly and discover what it is, you are on your way to building a unique, profitable brand. 

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