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Ready, Fire, Aim. 

The 5-Day Brand Challenge™ is an online course and workshop for entrepreneurs and companies who want to reinvent their brand and business with lightning speed.

For five days straight, you will receive a 40-60 minute training and a specially designed challenge for every day. Spend 45-120 minutes doing the work each day (or more, if you like), and walk away with a complete prototype for your future brand and business. 

The benefit of this sprint-style workshop is that you don’t have time to overanalyze things, but rather, you create as you go. This will help you see the big picture before you perfect things over time. 

You will learn all the most essential brand-building principles, and put them into action in a fast-paced, workshop-style course. 

Put in your energy and creativity, and you might see breakthrough results over the next weeks and months. And, you’ll have fun in the process. 

A strong brand is the most valuable business asset you can have.

Why do this?

Customer choice is the most important thing for your business. Unless customers choose you, you don’t have a business. But what affects customer choice? How people perceive you, how they feel about you. This is called your brand.

Many people confuse “brand” with marketing, branding, and selling. However, your brand is essentially your offering, not your marketing. How people perceive the value you offer is your offering, from their perspective. Makes sense?

To become more attractive to your customers, to get chosen by more people, more often, and at higher prices, you need to be working on the areas of your strategy, offering and business that build perceived value and difference. Instead of focusing only on marketing activities, we will work through the stuff that matters most (yes, marketing is one of them, but not all of it).

The ultimate goal is to make your ideal customers think of you as their “only viable choice”. This program teaches you The Only Strategy, a complete approach to strategic brand- building. This is the best strategy for building a highly profitable, differentiated brand and business we know of.

Workshop your brand and business from five essential perspectives.

Day 1: Identify Your Breakthrough Potential

The first day is about learning the most essential principles and strategies for building a highly differentiated, profitable brand and business. We will work on your mindset, goals, limiting beliefs, and your focus. This is absolutely vital for your results.

  • Learn the Nr. 1 strategy for building a brand (The Only Strategy) 
  • Learn the most essential principles for strategic brand-building
  • Clarify your vision and goals
  • Identify your limiting beliefs and expand your potential
  • Clarify your focus and get ready to break through

Day 2: Your Customer Strategy

The second day is all about identifying your market focus, and zooming in on your Ideal Customer. You will learn a powerful tool for understanding your customers better than 99% of your competitors (if you apply this framework).

  • Define your Power Base – your most potential market and customers
  • Decide on your Ideal Customer – your most potential customers
  • Learn how to research customers with very little or no budget
  • Create a Customer Blueprint™ – insights about four kinds of customer needs
  • Learn how to use Framing to identity new opportunities

Day 3: Your Brand Strategy

The third day is about working on your brand strategy. Learn a simple framework for identifying your unique position, and define your brand.

  • Learn the true purpose of brand strategy
  • Work with The Brand Strategy Question™ – define your uniqueness
  • Learn how to make your brand the organizing principles of your business
  • Learn a simple tool for discovering your unique strategic opportunity 
  • Design your brand strategy

Day 4: Your Brand Offering

The fourth day is about translating your insights and strategy into a brand offering and experience. This is where you will turn your vision and your big ideas into a total total offering that spans your product, service, environments and channels, people and communications. 

  • Learn how to transition to the creative side of brand-building
  • Learn how to envision and define your brand experience
  • Learn The Five Brand Dimensions and use them to design your offering
  • Prototype your offering through words, images, mood boards and action plans

Day 5: Making It Happen

The fifth and final day is about getting your brand in front of customers, and building the systems you need to focus only on what matters. You will learn a brand-driven model for engaging customers, and a simple way to build your operating system. 

  • Learn the essence of marketing from a brand-perspective
  • Rapidly plan your customer engagement strategy from three levels
  •  Design our Operating System (systems and processes) to simplify, standardize and automate as much as possible about your business

Done is better than perfect. Move quickly from prototype to market.

Hi. I’m Tobias.

I am the instructor of this program. Who am I to coach you?

I have been working as a brand- and innovation strategist for the past 15 years of my 20+ year career. During all those years, as I consulted hundreds of companies, I learned some invaluable lessons about what it takes to build a brand in today’s world.

It wasn’t always easy. Companies were not always eager to change. I learned that building a brand takes a lot more than marketing, and a lot more than nice logos, visuals and jingles.

Building an extraordinary brand today takes a strategic, holistic approach. You need to connect all parts of your business to your brand. In this program, you will learn how.

I have baked the most essential learnings into this program, which is a fast and condensed version of my signature brand program, Brand Mastery™ 

You can progress from this program to Brand Mastery™ in case you want to take things to a deeper level.

Use this program to workshop your brand and create fast results.

Tobias Dahlberg
Founder – The Future Academy®

"Tobias Dahlberg is one of the brightest minds in brand strategy today. He's a natural teacher who can simplify a concept like nobody else. Anyone who follows Tobias will end up smarter, richer, and probably more beautiful."

Marty Neumeier
Author, The Brand Gap, ZAG, Metaskills, The Brand Flip

100% money back guarantee.

This program was designed to give you a return on investment of at least 10x. However, we are confident that you might see a 100x, 1000x, or even a higher ROI, provided that you go through the exercises and take massive action. However, if you don't think this program will be worth at least 10x your investment during the first 14 days, let us know and we will give you all your money back.

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One payment
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