Framing For Innovation

Need help building your brand and business?

In this training, I share a 4-step framework for how to use a technique called “Framing” for creativity and innovation. This framework is very powerful when you want to generate insights, create new and different ideas, and turn your ideas into reality.

Why it matters 
Creativity and innovation can be challenging. As human beings, we’re wired to use as little brainpower as possible. Creativity takes energy. Therefore, we need to provoke our minds to avoid our normal patterns of thinking. By using different “frames”, we can easily direct our thinking toward new directions and opportunities.

In essence, innovation happens as a result of asking a different question and coupling it with curiosity, imagination and a “maker” mentality. 

This training will give you a simple, yet extremely powerful framework for creativity and innovation. Use it to take on any creative challenge, from new product development, service design, or to re-imagine your whole business and industry. It works like magic. 

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