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Hey there!

I am Tobias. I am an entrepreneur and strategist, and the founder of The Future Academy®.

In this short, yet powerful training, I share a simple framework for getting yourself on the path of creating the future you desire. The questions you will be working with are deceptively simple, yet if you work with them and back them up with emotion, energy and action, they can transform your life.

For almost 30 years I’ve been studying and practicing personal development as a way to support my professional growth. First as an amateur and professional athlete, then as an employee, and for the last 12 years as an entrepreneur.

For many years, although I understood these ideas intellectually, I did not apply them in the right way.  I always set goals, and I had willpower, but as you will learn, this is not enough. The biggest factor that impacts the results you get is something else, as you will learn in this training…

Give it a go. You won’t regret it. 

Tobias Dahlberg
The Future Academy®

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