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Get On The Path Of Non-Stop Growth

The TFA Training Club is a community for ambitious entrepreneurs and change-makers who want to go further, faster. As a member, you will get access to a constant flow of training, motivation, resources and challenges to help you take your game to a whole new level. 

Train Like A Pro - Grow Stronger Together

Let’s face it. Most of us wish we were more successful, in one way or another. Entrepreneurship should offer us the lifestyle we dream of.  Freedom, impact, money, personal fulfilment, all those wonderful things.

Now, let’s be real. Most of us are not where we want to be. Most entrepreneurs are struggling. Yet, the solution is simple. Success takes mastery, and mastery comes as a result of consistent improvements over time, not one-time events or luck. Just ask any athlete. To be successful, you must work on your game, every day. Business is a lot like sports. 

Think of the TFA Training Club as your training ground coupled with daily, weekly and monthly workout programs for non-stop learning and growth.

We Provide The Essential Building Blocks You Need

We know from decades of experience that a great business is a simple business. Therefore, we focus only on giving you the essential building blocks, mindsets, strategies and skills. We’re not just about learning, but getting you to take action and achieving the results you want. Take one bite and a time and grow at your own pace.

Build Your Superpowers

Just as our bodies need to workout to be healthy and fit, so do our minds and our businesses. To expand our potential and reach new heights, we need to keep conditioning ourselves, feeding our minds and expanding our potential. We are constantly adding new, simple and essential programs, trainings and tools to help you build your confidence, create clarity and focus, learn new skills and take massive action. Amateurs dabble. Champion’s show up at their best self, every day.  

The Business Channel™


Learn and engage around topics, such as business strategy, profitability, operations, culture, and entrepreneurship. Learn and share together with other growth-minded people.

The Brand Channel™


Learn the essentials of brand-building through weekly, bite-sized training. Get the tools and resources you need to avoid commoditisation and build an extraordinary brand.

The Innovation Channel™


Get new weekly training and connect with a community to innovate every part of your brand and business, from your offering, to brand experience, marketing, and operations. 

The Marketing Channel™


Learn and engage around topics, such as customer insights, marketing strategy, content creation, marketing- and sales funnels and other customer-creation and retention strategies and tactics.

The Growth Channel™


Your results in the external world are a direct result of the quality of your thinking. Learn new mindsets and tools to grow and expand your true potential. 

Social Groups & Forums


Every channel has its own dedicated Social Group which works like a private LinkedIn or Facebook (a custom-made training ground). Connect, learn, share and support each other.

New Training Every Week Of The Year

Every week, 52 times per year, you’ll get a new training to help you on your journey toward mastery, profitability and growth. Think of this as the “workouts” for your personal- and business growth. Target specific business problems, chase new opportunities or simply keep learning and improving your game.  As a member, you will get access to our different Channels – specific, dedicated training and member groups.

Grow Stronger Together

As a member, you will get access to a custom-made social media community of like-minded, ambitious people. Share your thinking and ideas, ask questions, collaborate, support each other and hold each other accountable. Get support and give support, and grow stronger, faster, together. All memberships come with a closed Facebook community access.

Challenge Yourself To Do New Things

Wanna start a podcast? Get new customers? Create an irressistible offering? Every month, we launch new Challenges – programs where groups and individuals take action toward a specific outcome.  They are great for doing new things, creating new habits, building skills and getting fast results. Challenge yourself – together with a group, or by yourself. You’ll be amazed at the results. 

Monthly Live Training + Q&A Session

Every month, you will receive four training sessions to help you troubleshoot, innovate, and grow your business. One of these sessions is held as a LIVE training, followed by a 30-minute Q&A session. 

Make Faster Progress

As a member, you will get access to valuable tools and frameworks that help you save time and make progress, faster and smarter. When you have a problem you need to solve, just reach out for the right training and tool, and move on toward new heights.



Get started for only 59 $ per month!

Who Am I To Coach You?

For the last 20 years, after transitioning from a career in amateur and professional sports, I have applied a disciplined, consistent mindset to everything I do.

Small daily adjustments and habits applied over time make a big difference. I know it did for me. For example, some 25+ years ago, I made daily reading and learning part of my daily ritual. This habit accumulated into well over 1000 books read, attending countless seminars, trainings and other experiential learning experiences. It led me to a career in consulting, speaking and teaching. All I did was devote an hour per day, sometimes more.

This mindset also led me to start five companies and learn the most essential entrepreneurial lessons I needed to learn. For 15 years, I consulted hundreds of brands and companies, made over 25 million $ in sales, turned over 40% annual profit margins on a 7-figure business, spoke at conferences, bought my dream office space and studios, and much more.

And naturally, I faced many setbacks and failures along the way. However, it never stopped me in my tracks. Everything I know and have, I attribute to my mindset – the growth mindset I got from sports and entrepreneurship. My dream is to help millions people adopt this growth mindset, to do things they did not think were possible for them. This drives me.

My point is simple. To achieve what you want, you need to work at it, every day. My offer to you is also simple. I don’t claim to have all the answers. However, I have many answers that can help you, and more importantly, I can help guide you toward your dreams. Why not give it a go? Then you’ll know whether this is for you or not. I hope I get a chance to work with you and impact your life. Imagine the possibilities.

Small improvements over time lead to massive, breakthrough results.

What Could Happen If You Gave This A Few Months?

Ask any successful person and they will tell you the key ingredient you need is consistency of action. Small improvements over time is what turns ordinary into extraordinary.

What do you think could happen to your business and your personal growth if you made a commitment to work on your game, every week for 52 consecutive weeks? Are you ready to spend the months learning and applying simple, game-changing insights, ideas, strategies, tools and tactics to your business?

I have spent 25+ years of my life learning these things, and I have never missed a day. What you will learn from me is my best learnings, both from my successes and my failures. My main goal is to help you get RESULTS, FASTER. Why waste time learning things the hard way, when you can learn real-world lessons from someone who has been there?

Get started now!

Summary of benefits:

Access To One New Training Per Week (52 per year)

Every week, you’ll get access to a new training. Each training teaches an essential growth mindset, strategy, skill, tactic or tool. The sessions are typically 20-60 minutes long.

24/7 Access To The TFA Training Club Community

Connect with like-minded people, share, learn and grow together. Hold each other accountable to higher standards, get feedback and make new friends. Your coach is also available for questions, comments, feedback through the custom TFA Training platform.

Monthly LIVE Training

The last week of every month, we do a LIVE training, followed by a Q&A session where you get to ask questions, and get support. 

Tools & Resources

We keep sharing tried and tested tools, motivational videos and other valuable stuff to supercharge your growth and help you save time on your journey to your dream.


Get The 5-Day Brand Challenge for FREE when you sign up for an annual membership.

If you sign up for the Annual Membership (12 months), you will automatically get FREE access to this course that is built on the best learnings of 15+ years of consulting with hundreds of clients. This bonus is for as long as the countdown timer on the page indicates.


590 US$ one-time payment for 12 months
$ 49
  • Pay 330$ for 12-month access. Get the bonuses + all available content at once. We're constantly updating the archives.


Pay 1 month at a time
$ 59
  • Pay monthly and cancel at any time. Get access to one new weekly Training, the FB community and one monthly Challenge.
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