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To get started with The Future Academy™, check out the different programs below, or get started with a free training. We offer online courses, membership, group coaching, and advanced private training.

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Choose between our online courses, coaching programs, or start with free training. All our programs fall into three core categories; Brand-building, Personal Growth, And Entrepreneurship.

Free Training

The Million-Dollar Formula


In this 65-minute training, you will learn game-changing strategies for building a profitable expert or client business. Highly recommended.

Brand Strategy Made Simple


Learn perhaps the simplest way to create a brand strategy. Work with one main question and discover your breakthrough position. 

Expert Business Blueprint


Learn how to rapidly grow your consulting, coaching, agency, or other professional services business with this 60-minute training. 

Learn How To Win More Business


Learn five game-changing lessons to help you win more business, raise your prices, and make more impact. The skill of pitching can change your life.


Business Breakthrough™

Our flagship program Business Breakthrough™ is a 10-week coaching and mentoring program that helps entrepreneurs grow their expert businesses to high 5 and 6-figures per month in a matter of a few months. 

We will help you implement five simple, game-changing strategies and systems into your business, for rapid growth and profitability.

If this sounds interesting to you, click the link below, send your application, and book a free Breakthrough Strategy Session™.

Brand Mastery™

This is our signature brand-building program. The complete strategic brand-building system for building a highly differentiated, profitable brand and business. Comes with 70 videos, 6 Modules and a 125-page brand playbook. 

This is the most comprehensive strategic brand-building course you will find online. It is great for both learning and implementing a brand and business transformation, for small and large companies alike. 

Pitch Like A Pro™

Learn a simple method for taking your pitching skills to a whole new level. Pitch Like A Pro™ is based in the 10-P Method, a step-by-step method that helped the instructor and founder sell more than $25 million worth of consulting services. This online course works for live pitching, as well as pitching on recorded video, Zoom, or Skype calls, or even for written sales letters and websites. Stop leaving money on the table, start winning more business at higher prices.

The 5-Day Brand Challenge™

This sprint-style challenge will help you make fast changes to your brand strategy, offering and brand execution across all your touch points. Use this program to create fast results, alone or with your team.

The Brand Entrepreneur™

This coaching program was designed to help you turn your passion and expertise into a thriving brand and business. Learn how to deepen your expertise, expand your identity and confidence, build your personal brand, and create and monetize your offering. 

The Brand Entrepreneur™ is a group coaching program. 

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