We offer different levels of training, depending on your situation and goals.

To get started with The Future Academy™, check out the different programs below, or get started with a free training. We offer online courses, membership, group coaching, and advanced private training.

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Book a free strategy session

Get Started For Free

Sign up for any or all of the training below, and get a taste for what The Future Academy® can do for you. Click on the images below and sign up. It’s easy. It’s free.

Brand Strategy Made Simple


Learn perhaps the simplest way to create a brand strategy. Work with one main question and discover your breakthrough position. 

Learn Strategic Brand-Building


Learn a powerful strategy and system for building a highly profitable brand and business, and apply it to your business.

Build And Scale An Expert Business


In this 65-minute training, you will learn game-changing strategies for building a profitable expert or client business. Highly recommended.

Learn How To Succeed In Brand Consulting


Learn my game-changing strategies and ideas for building a successful brand consulting business.

Set Your Goals And Kickstart Growth


Connect with your future and start creating it with this simple, powerful personal workshop. Get clarity, inspiration and focus.

Learn How To Win More Business


Learn five game-changing lessons to help you win more business, raise your prices, and make more impact. The skill of pitching can change your life.

Get Breakthrough Results - Whenever, Wherever.

Online courses are great for immersing yourself in a topic your want to learn and getting the exact steps and tools you need to create the result you want. And do it wherever, whenever you want.

Brand Mastery™

This is our signature brand-building program. The complete strategic brand-building system for building a highly differentiated, profitable brand and business. Comes with 70 videos, 6 Modules and a 125-page brand playbook. 

This is the most comprehensive strategic brand-building course you will find online. It is great for both learning and implementing a brand and business transformation, for small and large companies alike. 

Private Clients

Available only to a limited number of clients, I can help you create breakthrough results for your brand and business. 

I work in three areas with you:
 1. Expanding your identity (potential, confidence, and growth habits)
3. Brand (positioning, brand platform, messaging, content)
3. Business (offering, marketing process, sales, systems)

Our private clients want significant results, and they are committed to doing the work required. If you are accepted as a private client, you will be guided through a step-by-step process with mindsets, strategies, systems, and tools to set yourself up for fast growth.

If this sounds interesting to you, click the link below, send your application, and book a free Breakthrough Strategy Session™.

The Brand Entrepreneur™

This coaching program was designed to help you turn your passion and expertise into a thriving brand and business. Learn how to deepen your expertise, expand your identity and confidence, build your personal brand, and create and monetize your offering. 

The Brand Entrepreneur™ is a group coaching program. 

Pitch Like A Pro™

Learn a simple method for taking your pitching skills to a whole new level. Pitch Like A Pro™ is based in the 10-P Method, a step-by-step method that helped the instructor and founder sell more than $25 million worth of consulting services. This online course works for live pitching, as well as pitching on recorded video, Zoom, or Skype calls, or even for written sales letters and websites. Stop leaving money on the table, start winning more business at higher prices.

The 5-Day Brand Challenge™

This sprint-style challenge will help you make fast changes to your brand strategy, offering and brand execution across all your touch points. Use this program to create fast results, alone or with your team.

Give Your Brand And Business A Workout

These individual, short training sessions were designed to target specific problems and opportunities related to your brand, business, and personal growth. Purchase individually, or get them all as part of the annual membership plan.  

Supercharge Your Offering


This 25-minute training comes with instructions and a workbook for boosting the value of your offering, while removing the barriers to purchase.

Framing For Innovation


Learn how to use Framing as a technique for discovering better insights, creating ideas, and turning them into innovation.

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