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An exclusive membership for growth-minded entrepreneurs who want to it all.

Original Minds™ is an exclusive, global mastermind and private membership service for growth-minded, visionary entrepreneurs who come together to learn, share, and create businesses that move the world forward.

Our members join with the purpose of making exponential leaps in their business and their lives. We connect and support each other through quarterly live events, weekly virtual gatherings, an online community, and ongoing accountability, coaching, and support.

We're primarily for entrepreneurs and business owners that want to build, seven and eight figure service-based brand and businesses.

We're for the dreamers and the crazy ones

Entrepreneurs are dreamers and the creators of the world. I believe we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to move the world forward, to spread new ideas that make the world better, our world, and the world at large.

Have you ever wished you had a "second family", a group of like-minded, growth-minded entrepreneurs who supported your big vision and helped you realise even your wildest dreams? I know I have.

I founded Original Minds™ on the idea of connecting "the crazy ones" - highly ambitious, visionary entrepreneurs who want to create a future that matters, beyond themselves.

With strategies, methods, experiences and wisdom accumulated over more than 20 years and dozens of millions in revenue accumulated, we're committed to making your entrepreneurial dream a reality.

They may say we're dreamers, they may call us the crazy ones, but we both know, entrepreneurship is not a choice for us. It's a way of life. Let's make it a brilliant one.

Tobias Dahlberg / Founder

Our Commitment

Unlimited growth

Original Minds™ are for entrepreneurs who are willing to commit and bet on themselves, to they can create a greater future. We're committed to helping you become unlimited and realise your wildest dreams. We designed the flow of the program around two main goals:

1. For you to grow into the best possible version of yourself
A big part of the contents of the program are designed to help you think bigger, remove limitations, get in alignment, and take on your wildest dreams and goals with superhuman levels of confidence and energy.

2. For you to (at least) double your monthly revenues and profits
In addition to adding great experiences and relationships, we designed the program to help you grow your business at least 2x (per year of your membership). We know how to do this, and we will give you all the mindsets, strategies, and tools to do so. All you need to do is to show up and put in the work.

Oh, and needless to say, Original Minds™ should make your next 12-months an unforgettable, brilliant, mind-blowing journey and experience.

September 2022 | Miami Live Gathering

Bienvenido a Miami!

Our next live event is held over two action-packed days and evenings in Miami, Florida. The theme of this event is INFLUENCE, and we will be bringing your some amazing guest speakers, and some special surprises.

Join us to learn how you can make instant changes in how you communicate, market, and sell.

This event is for Original Minds™ members only.

What's the future you want to create?

Personal Growth & Leadership

Unleash Your Superhuman Self

The most decisive factor for making exponential leaps forward in your business and life is your ability to destroy you limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering, expanding beliefs and actions. We become what we think about yourselves.

What would be possible for you if you were fearless, if you were significantly more confident in yourself, if you had more energy, and if you showed up at your best possible self, most of the time? Let's unleash those superhuman powers you already possess.

Brand & Offering

Become Their Only Choice

Nothing is more important to the health, growth, and profitability than having more customers choose you (at higher prices, more often). You can do all the marketing and sales in the world, but unless you have an incredibly strong, highly differentiated proposition, you will fail over time.

Your proposition is the sum of your brand and your offering(s). We will help you position your brand and offering in a way that will supercharge your growth and profitability,

Marketing & Sales

Build Your Client Acquisition Machine

There is nothing like having a constant stream of new prospoects and clients knocking on your door. Predictability is bliss. By implementing simple, measurable marketing and sales processes into your business, and by powering them through paid, earned, and owned audiences, you'll never have to worry about getting customers again.

We help you design and implement marketing and sales processes that will help you multiply your business by at least 2x in 12 months,, most likely more.

Operations & Culture

Achieve The Ultimate Entrepreneurial Freedom

You can be the best in the world at what you do, but unless your business is built on a great business model, systems and processes, and people, you will never set yourself free.

We'll help you scale your business and help you achieve the lifestyle, impact, and freedom you want, so you can focus only on what you want most.

Guest Speakers

Get inspired and learn from the best

Original Minds™ is about expansion. We'll bring you the leading thinkers are doers to inspire you to take your game to a whole new level. External guest speakers, trainers, and coaches will be announced throughout the year.


Get there faster

The far majority waste many years of their lives trying to figure things out on their own rather than investing in their growth.

As a member of Original Minds™, you'll be working with Tobias and his team of coaches to assess your current situation and craft a strategy and game-plan specifically for your situation.

We will provide a digital management software, accountability, support, and tools to make sure you follow through on your goals and dreams. By doing so, we reduce your chances of getting stuck and failing by more than 80% (based on our past experiences).

Original Minds™ Program

Build a simple foundation

The sole purpose of Original Minds Beta™ is help you build a solid foundation. We do this by focusing on three areas: Proposotion, Acquisition, and Delivery. Our coaches will help you focus on build and validate one type of offering for one type of client with one specific problem, through one funnel. 

Original Minds™

Entrepreneurs who want to build a multi-seven or eight-figure business.
$ 1990
Monthly for 12 Months = 23.880
  • Custom Growth Strategy & Game Plan
  • 1 Weekly Group Coaching Call
  • Quarterly Live Events (2x In-Person, 2x Virtual)
  • 2x Live In-Person Events (U.S & Europe)
  • Digital Management & Execution Tool
  • Multiple Coaches & Guest Stars
  • Recorded Workshops & Training
  • Ready-To-Implement Tools
  • 24/7 Online Community
  • Accountability Partner
  • Brilliant friends for life

What if you went all-in on your business and your dream for the next 12 months with the full support of a community of brilliant entrepreneurs and coaches?

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