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Sell Without Selling™


An 8-Week Live (Virtual) Coaching Program (Sept 7th, 2021)

Learn how to lead and influence people to more than double the sales, without having to rely on old predictable methods that don’t work. 

The Simple Way To Get Clients To Buy From You Without Being Salesy.

Sell Without Selling™ is an advanced 8-week coaching and mentoring program where we help you craft and implement a proven step by step method to sell more of your products and services to today's sophisticated buyer.

Imagine having the tools and skills to influence and lead your clients in such a way that sales happen almost seamlessly.


Hello, I am Brian. 

I created Sell Without Selling™ based on my 20 years of professional sales and business experience. I’ve personally sold tens of millions of dollars worth of products and services across multiple sectors.

In doing so, I have developed a proven step by step framework that anyone can learn. This training will provide you with the necessary skills to turn conversations into paying clients that will buy from you again and again and again.

This masterclass is going to teach you the exact step by step and method we use to consistently generate multiple six figures in today’s highly competitive world of business.

Brian Muldoon – Coach

Why should you join?

You Are Stressed Out And Exhausted Out From The "Feast or Famine" Revenue Rollercoaster

A Major reason why businesses fail is down to a lack of sufficient capital. Having a solid and predictable process to consistently convert prospects in paying clients can easily double and even triple your current monthly revenues

You Don't Have A Predictable And Dependable Way To Clients To Buy From You

The solution is having a solid and dependable way that dramatically increases clients desire work with you, so you can stop feeling like you have to convince them.

You Want To Stop Competing On Price And Get Paid What You're Worth

Settling on price is optional, unless, you know how to get clients to see the value in what you're offering and be happy to pay you for it.

You Want A Strategy To Significantly Increase Your Income Starting Now

Have a solid process for onboarding clients with ease, is also going to allow your income will sore with ease as well. By implementing the skills you take away from this game changing workshop. You'll have the ability to dramatically increase your income, right away.

Here's What You Will Get

Quickly And Confidently Establish Leadership With Prospects

Being able to confidently lead sales related conversations is crucial to you being able to quickly establish the kind of influence you need to put your prospect mind at ease, so they see you as someone they can trust to help them get what they want.

Advanced Communications To Quickly And Easily Uncover The Real Wants And Desires Of Your Prospect

Most of the questions being asked during a typical sales conversation with new prospects often only ever scratch the surface. Being able to ask skilled questions, in the right way and at the right time, will have your prospect opening up so you can uncover their deeper wants and desires.

A Proven Framework For Handling And Eliminating Any Objections Or Buyer Resistance

Let’s be honest, most people cringe when the prospects starts asking questions about you and your product or service. However, objections are necessary in order for your prospect to feel confident in their decision to go ahead.
You’re going to learn an fast and highly effective way to defuse any kind of objection that will put your prospects mind at ease.

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Contents Of The Program

Week 1: Mindset & The Psychology Behind Selling

Before we embark on the the steps and process for turning conversations into new clients, we first need to understand what are the driving forces in your life. Having a clearly defined vision for your business (and life) is a vital first step to achieving a new level of success.

Week 2: Setting The Frame And Leading The Call

In this module, you will learn how to set the tone and expectation for every call or meeting you have with a prospective client. Mastering this skill will allow you to lead conversations and quickly establish high levels of trust and rapport.

Week 3: Discovery & Clarity Phase

If you don't have a problem, you don't have a sale. It is vital that you are able to identify who your prospect is and what it is that's going on in their present situation. During this phase of the training, you will be learn and incorporate neuro emotional advanced communication skills that will get prospects to share vitally important details that will help you uncover the real reasons why they need your help..

Week 4: Offer Structure & Presention

A confused mind always says no...so it's crucial that your offer is easy to understand. In this module you're going to learn the secret to presenting a simple yet highly structured offer that your prospect will love. You will be able to make a compelling offer that provides a clear and concise solution, that ensures your prospect doesn't get bogged down with industry jargon and a complex path to their desire outcome.

Week 5: Offer To Close & Handling Objections

With a whole bag full of new principles, frameworks, and tools, in this module, you will learn how to use your skills for maximum impact (and income). Learn how to get to the root of the problem, and how to create breakthrough solutions.

Week 6: Creating Your Personal Sales Call Playbook

In this module you will create and craft your own bespoke framework for leading and closing sales conversations. Developing your own cadence and brevity will allow you to develop you own unique style, personality and professionalism to shine through.

Week 7: Role Play And Crafting Your Perfect Script

Now it's time to take you new skills and create each step of what will become your bespoke and truly unique "Sales Multiplier Playbook . You will craft your scripted playbook so that it is customised specifically to your ideal clients. We will role play through each phase of your playbook to ensure it is rock solid.

Role Play Roundtable - Q&A - Graduation

In this final week we will recap and review everything that we have covered throughout the program. We will have a Q&A session to discuss and answer any questions to do with your sales process. Lastly, you will officially graduate from the program and receive your certificate of competition.

If you’re tired of trying to convince clients to work with you…

If you’re tired and frustrated from riding the up and down financial rollercoaster…

If you want to master the skill to close more business more with greater ease and less buyer resistance…

If you are ready to start earning the kind of revenue you deserve that’s going to give you more “Choice, Freedom and Lifestyle, then you absolutely need to join this program.

The Program Starts Sept. 7th, 2021
Access through application only.

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