Should you pay for self-education?

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I have been obsessed with self-education for at least 25 years. I’ve spent more on self-education and personal development than I’ve spent on my car. And this year, I even started a new business focused on helping people get to their goals faster, with better results. So clearly, I am biased.

So naturally, I am amazed when I get this question from people; “Why would I pay money to educate myself when practically all information is free”.

Are you kidding me? People who have this belief miss the point completely. Self-education, whether we are talking books, seminars, online courses or whatever, aim at getting you the results you want, faster.

The online courses, for example. Why would you pay, say between 400-2000 dollars for a course that teaches you stuff you can figure out yourself?

Here’s why. Learning the exact formula for getting to where you want to go from someone who has done it themselves gives you better results, faster. Sure, you can figure out things yourselves. But more often than not, you would have been better off investing in your growth.

Self-education programs don’t take time, and they don’t cost money. That is if you commit to making them work for you. They SAVE you time, and they MAKE you money. All you need is one great idea that you can implement, and you will make back your investment manyfold.

I believe “self-education is the new education”. If you want to create the future you really desire, start investing in your own growth. It will be the best thing you have ever done. Progress is not just the key to financial freedom, it is also the key to happiness and fulfillment.

In my latest episode of Extraordinary, I reflect on these thoughts. You can find the episode on all major podcast platforms – or click here for Apple Podcasts.

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