Strategic Brand-Building Vs. Branding

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Strategic brand-building vs. traditional branding.
There is one particular step in the brand-building process that separates the traditional branding from strategic brand-building (where you connect your whole business with the brand.

The two approaches differ mostly in terms of what happens once the brand strategy is completed. The commonplace branding approach turns the strategy into a form of communication and marketing.

The strategic approach connects the brand to all aspects of the business.

Your brand needs to be the organizing principle of your company. You need to use it to create clarity, direction, and inspiration for ALL parts of your company, not just marketing.
When you do this, you are building the culture you need to deliver that differentiating, meaningful brand that every company needs in this world.

What do brand consultants do? What should they do? And what are 99% of people in this industry not doing…that the top 1%  in the industry are. In this video, I share my views on these questions. 

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