The Life-Changing Value Of Alignment

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Do you know that feeling you get when you are not feeling it? And you must know that other feeling, you know… when you ARE feeling it? There is a world of difference.

Ok, that did not perhaps make so much sense. But what I am getting at is that our levels of happiness and fulfilment in life depend primarily on how aligned we are. I mean, how well we live in alignment with our sense of self (identity) and how connected we feel to the future we want to create.  

Lately, I’ve had many discussions where it turned out that LACK OF ALIGNMENT was the problem. 

When we feel aligned with who we are and the future we want to create, we tend to feel motivated, inspired, confident, and excited about our lives.

And the opposite is also true. When we feel out of alignment, well, our lives don’t feel all that exciting. We get stuck; we get anxious, bored, we feel miserable, even depressed.

Alignment, it turns out, is a BIG part of what makes us happy and fulfilled, or miserable. 

In this video (and podcast episode), I talk about the life-changing value of alignment and how I got out of alignment in my entrepreneurial journey just recently.

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