The Power Base – your most valuable asset.

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What is the most valuable thing about your business? If you ask me, it’s the quality of the relationships you have with your most valuable customers. The strength, depth and the length and these relationships. As with any relationship in life, well, some matter more than others. And the same applies to your customers.

Over the last 12 years, as I have consulted over 100 organisations on strategic brand development and innovation, I’ve come to see some patterns. And one of the most serious problems I see is that the majority of companies are focusing on too many customers with too many different needs. 

The fastest way to grow profitably in an organically is to focus all your efforts on what I call The power Base. This is the group of customers that care about what you do; they are your raving fans. They not only buy more, more frequently at higher prices; they are also your best marketing and sales people. 
Focus only on this group, and ditch the rest. Yes. I mean it.
In the latest episode of Extraordinary, I share how to do this. 
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