The Simple Way To Build An Extraordinary Brand

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I have helped companies innovate their brands and businesses for 15 years. I want to share the system I created and used to help countless clients build successful brands. I want you to be able to use these ideas and build an extraordinary business.

I did all of this by creating a simple system for building profitable brands and businesses, and I applied it both to clients and my own business. At best, my profit margins exceeded 45%, however, before I learned to systematize, my business was filled with ups and downs.

I want to give you the PRACTICAL, PROVEN building blocks for building an extraordinary brand and business. Not theory, practice. Yes, I know the theory. In fact, I read over 1000 books to learn it, but having said that, I consider myself a practitioner above anything else.

Here are the six most essential building blocks that I discovered after years and years of workshopping, strategizing, testing, and learning. Apply these, and they will work for you as they have worked for my clients. If you want to learn more, join my FREE 90-minute training, where I explain these lessons more in detail. Links below.

Before we begin, let me start by saying to build an extraordinary brand, begin by making SIMPLICITY and FOCUS your new friends. The real secret is to learn how to focus on serving a narrow target group, then doing something for them that no one else does. That way, you become their “only viable choice”, which is the most valuable position you can have in business. You simply cannot be all things to all people, and you don’t have the resources to serve too many customers with excellence. Aim small, miss small, as they say.

Here’s what you need to do to build a brand that generates profit and growth.

Building block 1: It all starts by adopting “The Brand Mindset.”
 If you are not building a brand, you are leaving your business extremely vulnerable in today’s world. A strong brand will do two things. It will make people know you, and it will make them choose you. Customer choice is everything. Start by understanding what it means to build a brand. A brand is not your logo. It’s not even your marketing. If you want to build a highly differentiating, profitable brand and business, you must make your brand the organizing principle – the North Star. Unless everyone shares the same mindset, you can forget making your brand work. Simple as that.

Building block 2: Learn how to focus only on the best customers, then understand them better than anyone else.
If there is one thing that destroys brands more than anything, it is trying to please too many different types of customers, period. To build a strong, profitable brand, start by aiming as small as possible. Choose your most potential Ideal Customer and market niche, then dig deep to uncover their psychology. Focus ONLY on them. Weed out everything else, and you are on your path to profitability.

Building block 3: Design a strategy that positions you as “their only choice.”
Your brand strategy is your plan for how you want your best potential customers (Ideal Customer) to think of you. There is only one way to go if you wish to high margins and loyal customers. You want them to think of you as their “only viable choice.” Unless they do, they will go with whoever offers the best price. Simple. So find the one thing that only you will or can do for your customers. If you have selected a too broad customer segment (target), this will be nearly impossible. But if you have found your niche, you will find it. Now make that the core of your brand.

Building block 4: Create an Extraordinary Brand Offering.
Once you chosen your ideal customer and uncovered deep human insights, and designed a strategy that will position you as the only viable choice for them, you need to translate your strategy into an offering they cannot refuse. To do this, you need to acknowledge that your offering is made up of not just your product or service, but also of where you meet your customers (channels and environments), people and their behavior, and your brand communications (visual and verbal). Together, they make up the offering, which should create a unique, extraordinary customer experience. Every detail counts. Don’t be generic, and for god’s sake, don’t be boring.

Building block 5: Build a Marketing Machine.
With a clear understanding of your customer, an “Only strategy,” and an extraordinary offering, you are ready to build a system for creating customer relationships. And yes,” system” is the name of the game. In today’s world, mere sporadic attempts to attract customers will not suffice. Engagement is the name of the game.

Building block 6: Design a Business Operating System.
Everything eventually comes down to your ability to put all your ideas into action and create customer value. Rather than spreading your time and energy across a million different things, the thing that separates the winners from the rest is their ability to simplify their operations and focus only on the essential few things that matter. Identify the systems you need, design them, and manage them like clockwork.

What I learned during all my years consulting hundreds of clients was that 99% of your brand and business problems fall into one of these categories. Once you master this simple system, you will always know how to troubleshoot and solve your most pressing issues. Companies might have hundreds of problems, but behind them lie only a handful of root causes. The fastest way to build a thriving brand and business is to focus on fixing the root causes, not the symptoms.

Implement these simple instructions and build a business that gives you the freedom you dream off.

Learn more by taking this FREE 90-minute training. I have distilled down what you need to know into the bare essentials. And if you want to take this even further, I have an online course called Brand Mastery™ which teaches you exactly how to do all of this. At the end of the training, a special offer is waiting for you, so act now!


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