Strategy + Creativity = Innovation.

The Brand Workshop™ is a 5-week brand coaching program that combines brand strategy with brand innovation to transform your business.

Create a unique brand platform

Get step-by-step guidance and support.

Innovate your offering and experience

Use your strategy to inspire breakthrough ideas.

Learn the most essential brand principles

Adopt the modern brand mindset to kickstart your creativity.

Tap into the power of collaboration

Work alongside other students for support and learning.

Prototype and test with agility and speed

Flesh out your ideas and test them for faster and better results.

Create an execution playbook

Design a plan for how to execute your new brand.

Get continuous support and feedback

Get guidance from the instructor and group.

Implement immediately

Put your new strategy and ideas into immediate action.

Tobias Dahlberg is one of the brightest minds in brand strategy today. He is a natural teacher who can simplify a concept like no one else. Anyone who follows Tobias will end end up smarter, richer and probably more beautiful.


Marty Neumeier

AUTHOR - The Brand Gap, ZAG, The Brand Flip, Metaskills, The 46 Rules of Genius, The Designful Company and Scramble

Hello brand. Meet business.

Hi there. I am Tobias, and for the past 15 years, I have been working hands on as a strategist and consultant for hundreds of companies and brands. Working hands-on with so many clients have given me clear insight into the most common problems companies struggle with, and how to solve them.

In this program you will learn how to build a powerful, profitable brand in today’s hyper-competitive world. As you will learn, this means connecting your brand with your business and working on your most essential business questions. Gone are the days when building a brand was simply about communications and marketing. Today, brand means business, and business means brand.

Welcome to a new era of brand-building.

Building an extraordinary brand today takes more than marketing, visuals and messages. It starts with deep customer focus and empathy, followed by a unique strategy that inspires every part of the business and the customer experience. Your brand is your business, and your business is your brand. The Brand Workshop™ is the result 15 years of real-world practice, and the program will guide you through a simple, proven, approach to create or reinvent your brand. You will uncover new insights, envision your brand’s place in the world, and translate your big ideas into an extraordinary brand offering. And finally, you will define the most essential actions and create a playbook for your business transformation. Sounds pretty good, right?

Strategy + Creativity + Execution

Most brand strategies never turn into more than visuals and messages. However, in today’s world the main job of your brand strategy is to inspire everything the company does to differentiate and create value. In this program you will not walk away with a document of lofty, abstract definitions, but rather, you will instantly translate your brand into real-world ideas, prototypes, and a a playbook for execution.

This program will teach you how to build an extraordinary brand that will help you transform your whole business. 

A strong brand is the most valuable business asset you can have.

Go with the flow, or at your own pace.

The Brand Workshop™ is a group coaching program, which means that you will work individually on your own brand, but as part of a group of people who want the same end result as you. This dynamic means that you will be able to connect with other students, to share your work for feedback, and to learn from one another. 

If you have a busy schedule and you cannot make time for each of the weekly sessions, no problem, they will be available as recordings to be consumer whenever it best suits you (you will also have access to them after the course). 

Each week will feature new lessons, assignments, tools and Q&A coaching sessions. In total, there is about 90-120 minutes of learning material per week, plus the weekly assignments you will be working on. Therefore, we recommend reserving 4-8 hours of time for the program, each week. 

How it works

Every week, for five weeks, we will cover one module. The live training takes place on Thursday’s at 3 pm (EEST), which means 1 pm in London, 8 am in New York, etc. 

Each live session is 60-90 minutes long, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. You can also send in your questions, and a weekly Q&A video will be distributed to all participants. 

You will receive step-by-step instructions and tools for doing the work. Reserve at least 4 hours per week for individual work. 

Join the Facebook community for ongoing sharing, questions and support. The instructor will answer your questions in the forums. 


Modules –
Innovate your brand from five perspectives.

Module 1: Foundation

Adopt the Brand Mindset

During the first module, you will learn the essential principles and mindsets you need to transform your brand and business.

  • Envision a bigger future
  • Challenge your current thinking
  • Learn the essential brand principles
  • Set new standards and rules

Module 2: INSIGHTS

Discover your Breakthrough Opportunity

Learn how to explore and uncover insights with fast, inexpensive tools. Learn a three-step process for unlocking insights and framing new opportunities. Focus your brand on your most potential customers and learn how to understand them better than anyone else.

  • Explore the market, customer and your own world
  • Discover breakthrough insights
  • Frame new opportunities
  • Identify your brand direction

Module 3: STRATEGY

Define your Brand Strategy

In this module you will create your strategic brand platform, the foundation of our brand. By combining both sides of your brain, you will imagine the future you want to create, then craft a strong narrative with simple, powerful brand definitions, creating absolute clarity and focus for your brand and business.

  • Create a strong, unique brand platform
  • Turn it into a powerful story
  • Use prototyping tools to advance your work faster
  • Test it within the group for instant feedback
  • Take a step into the execution world to learn faster

Module 4: DESIGN

Design an Extraordinary Offering and Brand Experience

In this module we will tap into your creative powers to translate your brand strategy into a an extraordinary total offering, consisting of your core product, service and your choice of environments, people and communications. This is where you use your brand strategy to inspire and innovate every part of your business that needs it. Here is where the magic happens.

  • Learn how to create an extraordinary brand offering
  • Create new ideas that provide massive value
  • Prototype your ideas for experimentation and learning
  • Identify and design your brand touch points

Module 5: Implementation

Design your Operating System

With a brand strategy, complete with creative ideas and a plan for carrying it out, we will devote the last module to helping you take action and creating real-world results. It won’t get more practical than this. If you want to be really ambitious, turn your insights, strategy, ideas and execution plan into a Brand Playbook  – an operational manual and guide for yourself and your team.

  • Identify the most essential next steps and actions
  • Start taking immediate action with support
  • Tap into proven tools and resources to move fast
  • Start your transformation!

Meet your coach.


Tobias Dahlberg has worked as a brand and innovation strategist for the last 14 years of his 20+ year career. He is an entrepreneur who has sold over 25 million USD worth of consulting services using the principles he teaches.

Tobias has worked with global brands such as Nike and The Coca-Cola Company, to national, regional and local brands and businesses. He has led several hundred strategic brand and innovation projects, resulting in hundreds over 250 new products and services, as well as over 100 new strategies, business models, brands and companies.

Tobias lives in Helsinki, Finland (Nordics), and works across the world, wherever his clients are.

We focus only on the essential and keep things simple to help you get the best possible results.

Frequently asked questions

If you don't find your question answered below, please contact us using the chatbot in the the lower-right corner of the page.

Who is this program for?

This program works for anyone who wants to learn a practical process for building a brand. However, the materials and content works for best anyone who has the authority to make changes to the brand you are working on.

When are the weekly sessions?

The weekly live session is held on Tuesdays at 3 pm (EEST). This means 2 pm in Stockholm and Paris, 1 pm in London, and 8 am in New York etc.

How are the sessions structured

Each weekly session is between 60 and 90 minutes long. The sessions include lessons (new concepts, principles, strategies), briefings of assignments and tools, and a Q&A session.

Can we participate as a team?

Yes, and that is a good idea. If you represent the same company, you can get a group deal on multiple licenses. Contact us for more details.

What if the time does not suit me?

All the weekly sessions are recorded and they will be available for streaming to your convenience. Send your questions per email or in the FB group.

I am a newbie, is this for me?

This program requires some basic business understanding, but you can use it to create your brand from scratch, or reinvent an existing one.

Limited offer - limited time.

Power Guarantee:

If you don't love it, we will not only refund you, we'll give you a 1997€ program for FREE!

The strategies, ideas, methods and tools in this program have been used with real-world consulting and coaching clients for many years, and they have produced dozens of breakthroughs, turnarounds, profitability boosts and massive growth. Simply put, this stuff works. But only if you put in your best energy and creativity into it. But just to be clear, let us take ALL the risk out and make this CRAZY GUARANTEE to you:

If you don't think this material has the potential to give you at least a 100x return on your investment, simply stop the program 3 weeks (21 days) into the program at the latest (calculated from the starting day), and get a FULL REFUND. If you decide to withdraw within the first 3 weeks, we will make it up to you by giving you FREE access to our signature online brand course - Brand Mastery™. This course sells at 1997€. In other words, you can participate in half of this program, walk away without paying a dime AND get access to a 1997€ course FREE OF CHARGE. You will have access to this course for 3 months.
Are we crazy? Maybe. But... We want you to love this program, and we believe you will. And we don't want perceived risk come between this program and you. We want you to learn this material and implement it into your business, and to enjoy the wonderful results it can give you. This is why. Now that we have this cleared, are we ready to start the journey together?

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