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Welcome to the training!
In the next 45 minutes, you will learn the most essential principles of building a brand, and creating a brand strategy. The training will help you focus on creating a brand strategy by working on one core question, which I call The Brand Strategy Question™.

I believe this is the most important question you will ever work with, when it comes to your brand and business success.

Why your brand strategy matters
Designing your brand strategy is absolutely critical to brand-building. Your brand strategy is essentially your plan for how you want people to experience and perceive you. A great brand strategy will give your company direction, inspiration, and clarity, and it should make it absolutely clear to both employees and customers a) who you are, b) what you stand for, and c) why people should choose you.

This training was designed to help you get started with brand strategy, and to work on one particular part of it – your positioning. Your positioning is the part of your brand that makes you unique.

Hope you enjoy the training, and please leave comments and reviews below.

Want to take this to the next level?
In addition to working with The Brand Strategy Question™, you might want to dig deeper and define your brand in broader terms (adding e.g. your identity and values, purpose, and brand story). To do this, we strongly suggest enrolling in 
Brand Mastery™ – our signature brand-building course that teaches you not only brand strategy, but a complete system for brand-building, from insights to customer, strategy, offering, marketing and operations.

If you are interested in Brand Mastery™ and get a great deal + BONUSES – check it our here.

One final thing. If you don’t think you are where you are in your business and life right now, give this a try. You can try it 7-DAYS FOR FREE, and you will have a full money-back guarantee. 

"Tobias Dahlberg is one of the brightest minds in brand strategy today. He's a natural teacher who can simplify a concept like nobody else. Anyone who follows Tobias will end up smarter, richer, and probably more beautiful."

Marty Neumeier

Author - The Brand Gap, ZAG, The Brand Flip

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