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How To Make It As A Brand Entrepreneur

Learn what it takes to succeed with brand entrepreneurship, and supercharge your growth, influence, and impact.

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Welcome to the training!
About two years ago, I gave up my small group of companies, which I had built for 12 years as an entrepreneur. I had a steady flow of new business, 15 employees, and a clear position in the marketplace. Yet, something was missing. After some soul-searching, I decided to pursue my this type of entrepreneurship. I decided to become what I call a Brand Entrepreneur.

In this training, I share what brand entrepreneurship is, and I teach you how to succeed in this form of entrepreneurship. I have created a model called The Flywheel Of Brand Entrepreneurship to help you build your journey in a way that sets you up for success.

Many people are great in one or two of these three areas, but only a small number of people master them all. Having success with brand entrepreneurship requires that you expand in all these three areas. 

After watching the video, if you feel compelled to take this further, please take this short survey, and you will reach out to you to explore how I can help you create your entrepreneurial dream as a Brand Entrepreneur.

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