The Future Academy®

Business Simplified.

We help you design your business for simplicity, so you’ll grow further, faster.

We partner with business owners to unlock the most powerful driver of profitability and growth; simplicity.



Simple Building Blocks

The greatest companies in the world are simple companies. They run smoothly because they were designed to do so. They achieve more with less.

Your business consists of only a few essential parts. We help you implement a handful of essential building blocks to make your business work, even when you don’t. 

Meet Your New Superpower

Complexity and clutter is the enemy holding business owners back from achieving their dreams. With decades of experience as strategists, business designers, trainers, and coaches, we know that designing your business for simplicity is the fastest, most sustainable way to multiply your results and live the life you want. 

Achieve More With Less

You want results, and you want them faster. We get you. We’ve done lots of the heavy lifting for you. From strategy to acquisition, offer design and operations, we help you implement for fast, sustainable business results. 

Kickstart Your Growth Engine

Whether we work with you on one specific part of your brand and business or the whole system, our goal is to help you turn your business into a profit-making machine. 

One Membership. All The Essentials

As our client, you have access to a global team of experts in strategy, branding, marketing, sales, and operations. All you need is one monthly membership to have access to everything you need to supercharge your business.

Meet Our Global Team

The Simple Company® is made of experienced entrepreneurs from all over the world working together with one mission in mind; to help you make your business work, so you can achieve more time, money, and freedom. 

By helping our clients simplify their proposition, their client acquisition, and their operations, we're able to double, triple, or quadruple the revenue and profits of companies we partner with.

Tobias Dahlberg - Founder & CEO

"’I've spent my entire career as a creative, surrounded by people who handled the business side of things business was a mullet, I’d be the party in the back. So when I decided to launch a brand-new business all by myself, I was completely overwhelmed. Thankfully, the algorithm gods sent me an ad for The Future Academy, because I never could have done it without them. They helped me get crystal clear on my offering, my ideal customer, and develop both short term and long term strategies. They replaced overwhelm and doubt, with simplicity and confidence. They guided me through a launch that was more successful than I every could have imagined, and continue to be my secret weapon of growth. Thanks to The Future Academy, I’m now the full mullet—business upfront, party in the back.”
Jason Bagley
former Executive Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy Portland
founder of The Audacious School of Astonishing Pursuits
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